Style Your Space Event With Retro Flame (Erika Fox) and Helena Fox at Arnotts

Hey Everyone…

On Thursday evening my mum and I went to the Style Your Space event with Retro Flame (Erika Fox) and her mum Helena Fox in Arnotts. It was such an enjoyable event and we were given loads tips on how to style our home which I will share with you all shortly. When we arrived we were offered a glass of prosecco and we took our seats to relax and enjoy the mother-daughter duo share all of their interior style tips.

I would be a big fan of Erika’s blog and her Youtube channel. On these platforms she would often share her interior DIY tips and style, everything is always so stunning and she knows how to style her home the way she wants within her budget, so when I saw that she and her mum were hosting this style your space interiors event I just had to go! Erika’s mum, Helena Fox, has her own interiors consulting business and is an expert in styling and de-cluttering homes, see her website here. As Erika lives in New York she doesn’t have much space to work with in small Manhattan apartments, therefore she gave tips on styling smaller spaces, Helena lives in her fully renovated home in Kerry and she shared her tips on styling larger spaces.

Here is what I took from the event…

Styling a smaller space:

  1. Paint the room white, it will make the room appear bigger and brighter.
  2. Hang wall prints and photos above eye level, this draws the eye up, again making the room appear bigger.
  3. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors, add in mirrors wherever you can, this is another way to make the room seem bigger and brighter.
  4. Make use of storage wherever you can, try to conceal any clutter to give the room a sleek finished look.
  5. Stick with neutral, pale colours when making furniture choices for smaller rooms, bold colours will take over the room and make it appear even smaller than it is.
  6. Get furniture that can have multiple uses, for example buy a desk that can double as a vanity unit or a mirror that opens to have storage behind.

Styling a larger space:

  1. Use warmer wall colours, for example cream rather than white, this will give the room a cosier feeling.
  2. Match your furniture accessories to your wall colour, this is a very easy way to give your room an organised, well styled, clean look.
  3. Keep spaces open, do away with doors (where possible) and allow your space to be bright, open and free flowing.
  4. Make use of natural light, have big windows with blinds not curtains, curtains can give a room a cluttered appearance and block natural light, blinds are slimline and will not block natural day light therefore brightening your space.
  5. Use warm white lights in your living room and bedroom to make the space cosy, make use of cool white lights in your kitchen where you need brighter light.
  6. Don’t overfill walls with prints and photos, this will close in the room and make it appear smaller.
  7. As with a smaller space, keep your furniture choices neutral but use accessories to add a pop of colour.

Overall tips:

  1. Your space should be a reflection of who you are.
  2. Take your time when styling your space to ensure you do it right and the way you want.
  3. Wait until you can afford what you want.
  4. If you get bored of your space change the accessories, this is much cheaper than fully renovating and changing all furniture.
  5. Don’t stop styling your space until you are proud of it!

Once Erika and Helena had shared all of their home styling tips we were invited to have a look in the homeware section of Arnotts and maybe make some purchases based on the advice we received. I decided to make use of the tip of adding a pop of colour to your space with accessories and purchased a cushion as an accessory for my bed.

We were also given the opportunity to chat with Erika and Helena after the event which I made use of and was delighted with as Erika is a huge fashion and blogging inspiration for me, so it was lovely to chat to her in person. I really enjoyed the event and found all tips we were given very helpful.
You should definitely checkout both Erika and Helena’s homes on their social media channels, they are so gorgeous and will give you all the inspo. Give the Arnotts homeware section a visit too, I would be surprised if you left it empty handed, everything there is so stunning!

I’d love to know if you enjoyed this type of blog post and would like to see more events posts in the future, let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

Alana x

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