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Today I’m getting into another inter-railing blog post. This time I’m talking all about Berlin. Berlin was definitely my favourite city we visited on our trip. There is just so much to do and see, it is a city filled with history and culture! I would encourage everyone to visit Berlin at least once in their life.

How we got There:

We travelled from Amsterdam to Berlin by train as we were inter-railing, Duh! Normally it is a direct train from Amsterdam to Berlin, but on the day we were travelling all direct trains to Berlin were cancelled, typical that would happen for our first train journey. I think we ended up having to get 3 different trains and arrived in Berlin about 5 hours later than our scheduled arrival time but sure we got there in the end.

Where we Stayed:

We stayed in Pfefferbett Hostel. This hostel was probably my favourite of the whole trip, I really liked the one we stayed in in Vienna too. The rooms were big, spacious and clean, the beds were comfortable and felt quite big for single beds, the bathrooms and showers were clean and spacious, and there was a bar and living area downstairs by reception that was great. I would highly recommend this hostel, check it out here.

Where we Ate:

  1. Tommi’s Burger Joint – Unreal burgers and beers at great prices.
  2. Hard Rock Cafe – This was a bit of fun and had good food and drinks

What we Did:

  1. Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe – This museum has free entry but you can pay €5 to have a headset guide while in the museum.
  2. Sandemans Walking Tour – This is a great tour group that offers free walking tours in most European cities. How it works is you go on your tour then at the end you tip your tour guide the amount you thought the tour was worth. We were brought all over the city and got to see many sights like the Brandenburg Gate, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, remains of the Berlin Wall and Check Point Charlie. Our tour guide, Leo, was very knowledgeable and I found the tour very interesting, 10/10 would recommend. You can book your place on the tour in advance here.
  3. Berlin Pub Crawl with Sandemans – While on the walking tour our guide told us about the pub crawl that Sandemans offers and we decided we would go on it that night. It costs €12 and you get a free shot in most of the bars you visit, it’s a great night out and finishes in one of Berlin’s biggest night clubs, Matrix. You can buy tickets to this pub crawl here.
  4. Berlin Zoo – This was really good fun, I always love the zoo so insisted on going here. I think it cost about €20 entry.

How we got Around:

We used the Berlin U-Bhan to get around. You can get a day travel ticket which allows unlimited travel in the ABC zone for €7.70. These tickets are available from the ticket machines in all stations. The U-Bhan also runs quite late, until 1.30am during the week and 24hrs on the weekends, so getting back to your hostel after your pub crawl will be super easy! You can see a Berlin U-Bhan map here, google maps is also great for telling you what train to get on, in what direction, and where to get off, so definitely utilise it on your trip.

My top tip for Berlin:

Do as many tours as you can! There is so much to learn in Berlin and I 100% wish we did more tours.

What we didn’t get to do but is on my list for when I return:

  1. Sandemans Third Reich Tour – book here.
  2. Sandemans Red Berlin Tour – book here.
  3. Sandemans Alternative Berlin Tour – book here.
  4. Monkey Bar Rooftop Bar.
  5. KitKat Club.
  6. Glass dome Reichstag Parliment Building – this is free to enter and is said to have the best panoramic views of Berlin.
  7. Markthalle Neun – A street food market that is held on Thursdays.
  8. Tropical Islands Indoor Water Park – The big child in me coming out! We really wanted to go to this water park but we just didn’t have time.
  9. Spend some time strolling through Teirgarten.
  10. Berlin Christmas Markets – I know I went during the summer so this wouldn’t have been possible to attend but I’ve heard the Berlin Christmas markets are unbelievable so I would love to return over Christmas time to see these markets.

So there you have it! As I said, I absolutely love Berlin and will be returning in the near future. Let me know if you are headed to Berlin in the comments below, I’d also love to hear if you have any must dos to add to this list.

Next up on the Inter-railing series is Krakow, so keep an eye out for that blog post to see how we get on! Spoiler alert: we had horrendous accommodation booked for Krakow, which made for a rather hilarious story.

Until next time,

Alana x

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