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Today I’m continuing on with the Inter-railing series and giving you all an insight into how we got on in Krakow. We didn’t spend much time in Krakow, only one day, but we were really only there to visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camps.

How we got there:

We got a bus from Berlin Central Station to Wroclaw in Poland and then a train from there to Krakow. Many buses and ferries are included in your inter-rail pass so make sure you check out those options when figuring out your routes. You can read about organising routes in my first inter-railing blog post here.

Where we stayed:

As I said in my Berlin blog post our accommodation in Krakow was a bit of a disaster. We originally booked accommodation in a hostel called Rasta Hostel. It was super cheap and all the pictures looked great, most of the reviews were quite good too, there was the odd bad review but you get that with nearly all accommodation reviews. As our time of arrival in Krakow got closer I noticed the name of the hostel online kept changing, but thought nothing of it, we just thought maybe it was the translation of the name from Polish. When we arrived the place was awful nothing like what we saw online! It was filthy, there were wet sheets on the beds, no toilet paper in the bathrooms, no showers, and all the doors had the same keys and locks so anyone who was staying in the hostel could walk into your room. Overall it was just horrendous and we were shook for days but has made for a funny story now. We ended up leaving the hostel and staying in a hotel called Hotel Polonia which was just across the road from the hostel. This was a gorgeous 4 star hotel and only cost us €50 per person for the 2 nights, the beds were big and comfortable, the bathrooms were stunning, and breakfast was included in the room price, it was definitely worth it!

Where we ate:

We only ate out twice here as we arrived quite late on our first night, our breakfast was included at the hotel, and we were given a packed lunch on the Auschwitz-Birkenau tour. I didn’t take note of the restaurant names we ate in but we went to the old town to eat both times and the food was so good and such good value. Anywhere you go will be good, I think the food we had in Krakow was the best of the whole trip!

What we did:

As I said the main purpose of our stop off in Krakow was to visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps. I think everyone should visit a concentration camp once in their life. The tour was so interesting yet haunting and really gave a great insight into life in a concentration camp. We booked our tour to Auschwitz-Birkenau with, the tour cost about €40 and included return transport from your accommodation to Auschwitz, a guided tour of both camps, and a packed lunch. You can book a tour with here.

How we got around:

We walked everywhere as we were staying right beside the old town and didn’t travel anywhere other than that. There was a tram service though and I think it went to most places in the city.

My top tip for Krakow:

Book a hotel for your trip, they are so so cheap but super grand and luxurious, just absolutely fab!

What we didn’t get to do but is on my list for when I return:

  1. I’d love to return to Krakow in the winter time as, like with Berlin, I’ve heard the Christmas market in Krakow can be amazing.
  2. The salt mines – there is supposed to be a great night life here!
  3. We weren’t there for long at all so I would love to just go back to see more of the city and eat more of the great food 🙂

I know there’s not much in this blog post but I hope you enjoyed it anyway and it was somewhat helpful. As with all inter-railing blog posts let me know if there are any must dos for Krakow that should be added to the list in the comments below!

Make sure you keep an eye out for my next inter-railing series blog post, I always announce each new blog post on my Instagram @alanagarton so make sure you are following me there to keep up to date on all new posts.

Until next time,

Alana x

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