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Here I am back at it with another inter-railing blog post, sure what else would I be writing about? Today I am getting into what we did in Vienna. Vienna was a stunning city, it’s super picturesque with beautiful architecture and a palace basically around every corner, like how gorge, a city of palaces! As with most of the cities we visited, we weren’t in Vienna for very long so we were trying to squeeze in as much as possible in a short amount of time. Anyway without further ado lets get into it 🙂

How we got there:

We got a train from Krakow to Bohumin in the Czech Republic, then from Bohumin to Breclav in the Czech Republic, then a train from there to Vienna. This was probably the most train connections we had when inter-railing with the shortest amount of time between each one which was super stressful, like I mean only about 5 mins connection time between each train, but we made all the trains you’ll be glad to know! Although we did have to get three trains, each train journey was quite short.

Where we stayed:

We stayed in Wombat’s CITY Hostel. I know I said that the Berlin hostel was probably my favourite hostel of the trip but scratch that, Wombat’s CITY hostel was our favourite hostel of the whole trip! The beds were comfortable, the rooms were super clean and the showers and bathrooms were fab, there was a laundry room in the basement too which was super handy as we had loads of washing to do at this point in our trip. Our absolute favourite thing about this hostel though was the bar, it was such good fun, the drinks were so cheap and there was just an all round fab atmosphere. You can book this hostel here.

Where we ate:

Again I didn’t take note of all the places we ate in, when we were inter-railing starting this blog was just a thought in the back of my head, so I never felt the need to take note of restaurant names! These are the only two I remember from Vienna:

  1. Santos Wieden Mexican Grill & Bar – this was a nice, cheap and cheerful Mexican restaurant.
  2. Vollpension – this was the cutest restaurant/cafe I’ve ever been in, myself and Rob went here for breakfast one of the mornings and it was so good, all of the food is made by retired Grannys and Grandads which is honestly the cutest thing, definitely check this place out if you are headed to Vienna.

What we did:

We basically just walked around and looked at all of the stunning buildings and palaces, then spent the nights in the hostel bar, we were exhausted with all of the travelling by the time we got to Vienna so we were happy enough to just relax and wander around the city. These are the main places visited


Hofburg Imperial Palace

Schonbrunn Palace

How we got around:

We used the Vienna U-Bhan to get around and got a 48 hour travel pass. This pass allows for unlimited travel on all lines for 48 hours and costs about €14. There are also one-way journey tickets, day passes, 72 hour passes, weekly passes etc. so an option is available for all travellers. You can buy these passes in the ticket machines in all stations.

My top tip for Vienna:

Stay in Wombat’s CITY Hostel, we had the best craic in that bar!

What we didn’t get to do but is on my list for when I return:

  1. I’d love to go inside and do tours of the palaces
  2. A guided walking tour of the city, it would be a lot better than just wandering the streets
  3. Stephansdom Crypt
  4. Schmetterlinghaus: The Imperial Butterfly Park
  5. A tour/concert in the Vienna State Opera House

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post, thanks for tuning in 🙂 Keep an eye out for the next blog post of my inter-railing series which will be published next week.

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