Where I’ve Been…

Hey Everyone…

So it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on my blog and I’m here to tell y’all why!

The last time I put up a blog post was back in April. At the time I was doing a full time internship, finishing up college work, doing two blog posts a week, trying to continuously post on Instagram, doing Fashion Friday’s on my stories, trying to spend equal amounts of time with friends, family, and boyfriend and going to the gym at least three times a week, all while trying to eat my five a day and keep a vast skincare routine 😂. As you can probably tell it was all too much for one person, and because of this I started to resent my training as a student midwife which I once loved so much.

I decided I would take a step back from my blog and instagram and the unattainable world it presents to us and focus on my work, finish up college, and spending time with the people I care about. I completed my final assignment college went on a holiday to the Domican Republic (there will be a post on that), caught up with friends and had so many laughs, and I fell in love with my job again 💕. I just took time to myself and focused on me and realized I can’t do it all.

I’ve finished college and will be graduating with a first in my degree. I’m now coming to the end of my internship and I’ve been offered as permanent full time position in the hospital I trained in. I can’t wait to start working as a qualified midwife and see where my future takes me!

I’m going to continue blogging because I loved it so much, but I’m not going to put so much pressure on myself to stick to a schedule. Ruby, Ni and myself are off to Milan next week and I am so excited for it so stay tuned to my Instagram stories for all of that and there will be a blog post on it at some stage!

This was a short enough post but I just wanted to let you all know why I went MIA. Anyway, that’s all for now folks 😘

Until next time,

Alana xxx


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